National Lift Trucks Offers Great Deals on Rental Forklifts in Sydney

Have you found yourself in need of rental forklifts in Sydney? Then you are in luck! We are the best forklift service in Sydney. Not only do we sell forklifts, but we have a huge selection of both new and used forklifts available for rent. Both our new and used forklifts are perfect condition, because we have a Mechanical and Electric Workshop where we work with all of our machines until they are as good as new. We provide services to hire forklifts in Sydney, but if you have the certified employees already, then our rental service is what you need.

Why Should I Get Rental Forklifts in Sydney?

National Lift Trucks' rental service has low prices, great customer service, and many perks with our rental service. We have set ourselves apart from other companies offering rental forklifts in Sydney by eliminating the fine print and six-page contract. We want the process to be as smooth and effortless as possible. To do this, we offer several perks. First of all, we keep our rental prices low and offer a money-back guarantee. Secondly, the downtime for your machine is calculated weekly and then the extra money is given to you in a rebate.

We also offer renter's insurance, though if the wear and tear on the machine you rented amounts to less than $2000 + GST you do not have to worry about a damage claim! We even welcome third party assessments to determine the cost of the repairs. We give you a free consultation with one of our qualified experts to offer advice for any warehouse logistics problems you have. There are optional upgrades of your equipment package. If your rental forklift breaks down, we have a quick system to handle your claim. If your site requirements change, you can request a change of equipment. If you end up needing a second, similar rental machine, we will rent it to you 10% off.

How can I get started?

Here at National Lift Trucks, we have made the process of getting rental forklifts in Sydney very simple. All you need to do is fill out our "Contact Us" form. The form is quick and easy to fill out. All you need is your company information, the type of forklift you are looking to rent, and any questions you have. We guarantee a reply within twenty-four hours. Our prices are great and our service is even better, so get all of your rental forklifts in Sydney. Do not let this great rental deal slip past you! Contact us over the phone or on the web for a quote today!

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