National Lift Trucks is the Best Place to Buy Forklifts in Sydney

Suddenly find yourself needing to buy forklifts in Sydney? Then you are at the perfect place! Here at National Lift Trucks offer a wide variety of new and used forklifts at low prices. Our forklift service in Sydney provides the option to either buy or rent. However, our best deals are on the forklifts we have for sale. We carry Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyster, Yale, and Nissan forklifts in Sydney, as well as so many more! We sell both new and used forklifts, though their condition makes them nearly indistinguishable. This is because we have our own Mechanical and Electric Workshop where we work with all of our forklifts until they look and run like new.

Reasons to Buy Forklifts in Sydney

We offer several perks if you purchase a forklift. The best is that the overall price for the forklift is much lower than other retailers. This is because we cut out the middleman by buying wholesale and directly from the manufacturer. Our team makes sure that you get the highest quality machine possible when you buy forklifts in Sydney. Any new forklifts are looked over by our team and then set out for sale. The used ones are usually bought in fleets and then taken to our expert mechanics where they are brought back to perfect condition.

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Other Perks to Using National Lift Trucks

We are so confident in our work, that we offer several warranty options when you buy forklifts in Sydney. For our used forklifts, we give you a free three-month warranty on all major components. All of the machines are workshop tested and verified as OH&S compliant before we put them out for sale, so the chances of you needing the warranty are slim. If you are worried about what could happen after the three-month mark, then we also offer extended warranties for two or five years. These warranties are available for all of our new forklifts as well in case you want a warranty in addition to the manufacturer's warranty is not enough.

Still Not Sure About Buying Forklifts in Sydney?

If you know the specifications of the truck you need, contact us for a free quote. If you have a set price range, let us know what you need and we will contact you with a deal you will not be able to resist. If you want to see what we offer, check out our full catalogue on our website or we can set up a visit to our warehouse. If you still need more information before you buy forklifts in Sydney, feel free to request it by filling out our "Contact Us" form. We guarantee a response within twenty-four hours. Whichever you choose, do not let this money-saving opportunity pass you by! Contact us over the phone or on the web for a quote today!

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  • Toyota
  • Linde
  • Caterpillar
  • Clark
  • Hyster
  • Komatsu
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